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Strong Meat

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I'm likethewatch pretty much everywhere: Reddit, Fetlife, OKCupid. So if you're looking for "likethewatch," as seen on the internet, you've found him. Hi. Bonus points if you can decode the joke in my online handle.

Some context for this journal:

I've been blogging on LiveJournal more or less continuously for more than ten years, from back when it was mostly bisexual goths from America, not political organizers from the former Soviet Republic. Even I have not tried to go back to the beginning and read my whole journal, but it's fun to click the tags.

I'm a female-to-male transsexual, bisexual, the mother of a young adult (usually referred to as "monkeyboy" here), and married for the second time to a man named Kevin. Different Kevins. I've been polyamorous most of my life, and am, still.

I've been with Kevin #2 for almost nine years, and we were legally married in the summer of 2010. Like me, he is a trans man. I wrote this post on my WordPress blog, One in Six Trans Men about how we're trans and married, and how we had to believe in our rights to do those things before we could do them.

In the '90s, I went to college to become a technical writer and I did that for a few years, but then my job market collapsed, and I wandered into other lines of work, including some dream jobs like standup comedian and trans activist. I was one of the co-creators of the first and only health and fitness magazine for trans people, Trans-Health.

The last time I worked a regular job was in the meat and seafood department of my town's co-op grocery. Now I write and edit full-time, keep house and hearth, walk the dog, bike all over the place, do trauma recovery therapy, and write some more. I'm recovering from back surgery.

Until recently I was an editor and frequent contributor at The Good Men Project. I also blog about cooking fresh food from scratch, and why you shouldn't eat anything else. My next big dream is to write a whole book.

I marked this journal as containing adult content because I curse a lot, have some radical politics around sex and drugs that not everyone wants their kids exposed to, and write candidly about things like my transsexual body, childhood abuse, drug use, violent impulses, BDSM, and things like that which are serious, which I want to share with others, and are, as the title of my blog states, "strong meat," meaning it can be hard for some people to take. I try to err on the side of taking the risk to share. If you need trigger warnings and cut tags for your comfort and safety, this blog may not be for you.

[Updated 1 July 2014]
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