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Resistance is the secret of joy

The word "gratitude" shares its root with the word for "thanks" in Spanish and Italian (gracias, grazie) and with "grace" in English. In what ways are the graceful dancer and the person who gives thanks, the same? They both know the value of the gifts they have received. To know what you have is to appreciate it, and to appreciate is to enjoy and if you are really aware, you know gifts do not come from no where. To give thanks and mean it, you have to be there for the joy. It's why being present is still the first step, always, even toward grace.

I am grateful for my marriage, for its existence, for our health, the love we share. Even as so much I rely upon is being threatened by world events, this is good and necessary and still here. Because of my history of trauma, even the times that are ecstatically wonderful, can be hard to stay present for. I always want to be here for it, to not shut out so much of the world that I shut out the gifts, too.

I support the women who are marching today. Yesterday, I repeated to people what I said on Facebook, right after the election, that those of us who help, already know what to do right now. We just need to keep doing it. I am not taking for granted how much happiness and relief I give to other people, in the normal course of my days. And so my response to the news was this: I shopped locally for loaves and fish, and we had friends over.

Later today we're going to pick up our farm share, and then to see "Hidden Figures" in the theater. We don't usually go out to the movies, but this is a celebration I want to share with my neighbors. Instead of another white male fantasy from DC or Hollywood, let us go and cheer together for black women scientists.

This is the America I love.


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Jan. 27th, 2017 01:31 pm (UTC)
Love this.
Jan. 27th, 2017 09:30 pm (UTC)
Glad you're still around somewhere online!
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