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So fucking tired of the shock

I'm an American. That is not going to change. I already searched my soul about this in 2000. And again four years later, as my fellow citizens repeated the error. I'm a queer radical who grew up under Reagan. These were terrible years, these presidencies. And sure, we survived them, but is that where we're setting the bar?

I can't help but think that we have somehow destroyed people's abilities to make reasonable choices, what with test-oriented education, and the erosion of the media, two pillars of society that used to prepare citizens to vote. Instead, it looks like the human ability---not infallible, but at least pretty good---to discern people of good character from the deplorable ones, is dying out as a trait. What else can explain Trump's candidacy?
One friend is annoyed---not that a fascist is running, or that her family members support him, but because her political friends are being so mean to one another. I'm told, don't take it personally.

Trump would be a disaster, and his campaign is already emboldening some of the worst elements in this country. If you still can't tell the difference between Trump and Clinton, you're an idiot, and you're helping other idiots feel good about that. If you prefer Trump, you're an evil idiot. When someone in my life chooses to support the worst possible human being for the most powerful position in the country (and maybe the world), I am going to take that personally.

I only have so many fucks to give. If you're an evil idiot, or even just an idiot, I don't have time for you anymore. Buh bye. Good luck with your calamitous choices. May we survive them.

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